Branding campaign ASICS (Fictive)

This campaign video for ASICS sportswear stands for a new way of approaching sport. The campaign called: ‘Sport is the new religion’ and gives sport a profound meaning. Sport and religion have a lot of similarities. People nowadays are searching for grip, fate, solidarity and strength. This you can find in sport as well as in religion. Sport contributes to the heart, mind body and soul. These four aspects are important in finding the perfect balance.

ASICS – Your own religion

Director/styling/concept: Kim Lemaire
DOP: Christiaan van Leeuwen
Edit: Dave de Vaal
Focus puller: Daan Bothof
Light design: Eva Heinsbroek & Sylvester de Bruine
Music: Daniel de Booij – Night Owls
SFX: Daniel de Booij
VO: Shari Klein
Lyrics: Kim Lemaire
Models: Sabine van Kooperen, Janniek Sinnige, Feliciano de Snoo, Cas de Rijk.
MUA: Femke Rakhorst