Kim Charlotte Lemaire

A concept designer based in Amsterdam. I love living here in Amsterdam because every day, the fashion, art, architecture, and other wonderful things encourage me to create something beautiful. Creativity has always played a huge role in my life. I’ve always wanted to do something for which you need a creative mind. Amsterdam and the Artemis Academy seem to be the right place for me. I love to make pictures of everything that is strange, beautiful, abstract, and/or scary. There is so much more happening around us than we realize. I love traveling around the world because it has so many different cultures and styles. For this reason, I believe that it’s important as a stylist to discover more of the world and submerge oneself in these cultures. What I love to do is creating full concepts for all kind of brands, including full branding and graphic design. I think it’s important to translate social issues to design, marketing and communication and tell a story. The experience economy is taking over and it’s necessary to respond on this development. It is my dream that one day I will be able to provide my passions to the world. I believe everyone should think a little bit more outside the box. The world would be even more thrilling than it already is.